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Where do the products come from?

These are the sails used for the OceanoScientific Round the World Expedition 2016-2017,

the very first oceanographic sailing campaign without CO2 emissions below 40 ° South,

solo under the three major continental capes: Good Hope, Leeuwin and Cape Horn.


This expedition made it possible to collect unprecedented scientific data intended

for the international scientific community

for a better understanding of the causes

and consequences of climate change.


We have created a limited series of unique pieces with the three flat sails of the OceanoScientific Explorer "Boogaloo" :

Mainsail, Solent-J2, Trinquette-J3

in collaboration with 727 Sailbags.

By purchasing a LOVE THE OCEAN product :


You contribute to the realization of the OceanoScientific Expeditions


You raise awareness about the preservation of the Ocean and its biodiversity


You participate in research for the benefit of well-being and health

You are committed to the benefit of future generations

A unique and limited collection of 13 products

The main pieces are numbered and signed by the solo sailor: Yvan Griboval.

They are real collectors of good quality which can be autographed on request.

Each product has a unique appearance and carries a part of history

of this unprecedented expedition in a spirit of sharing ocean emotions.


The Certificate of Origin is used to authenticate

the OceanoScientific Expedition during

which the sails were used.

This certificate personalizes each product

with his name, his number in the series

and the signature of the skipper.

Each product is unique - Origin certified.

Each product carries

the name of a wind of the world

as an invitation to travel


BAGUIO: Typhoon of the Philippines

BORA: Cold and dry Adriatic wind

BHOOT: Wind blowing in India

CHINOOK: Hot, dry wind coming down from the Rocky Mountains

DIABLO: Hot, dry foehn wind from San Francisco Bay

KONA: Wind direction southwest in Hawaii

KUBAN: Wind from the Island of Java

NORDET: North- easterly wind

NOROIT: North-westerly wind

PAMPERO: Cold and violent wind from the Pampas

SHAMAL: Summer wind from the Persian Gulf

SIMOOM: Strong desert wind

SIROCCO: Dry and hot wind from the Sahara


Philanthropic associations

of eneral interest

France - Monaco

The philanthropic association of general interest OceanoScientific:


Bears witness, raises awareness and educates the widest possible audience so that one and all RESPECT and LOVE THE OCEAN and its biodiversity for the benefit of future generations;


Contributes to the implementation of oceanographic sailing expeditions without CO2 emissions in regions of the seas that have seldom been explored if at all, to increase knowledge of the Ocean, of the causes and consequences of climate change and pollution;


Concentrates its efforts to participate in the safeguarding of the genetic heritage of marine organisms threatened with extinction, in particular those of coral reefs, by promoting their virtuous valuation for the benefit of Health and Well-being in compliance with the Protocol of Nagoya;


Implements all actions intended to mobilize young people in their school cycle and higher education to encourage them to develop careers related to the Ocean, while respecting the Nature;


Acts in accordance with the standards and recommendations of United Nations (UN) agencies and the international scientific community, in conjunction with non-governmental organizations dedicated to the knowledge and preservation of the Ocean and its biodiversity.

Exclusive collaboration with leaders

LOGO 727-Marine-Produit_par.png

727 Sailbags is an established circular economy champion based in

in Lorient (Brittany - France) in the heart of the city of oceanic sailing yachts.


Bettimask , leading brand in protection against Covid-19

offers effective, washable, reusable masks

and comfortable to wear - Made in Monaco.

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